TWW San Jose Calls to Action #C2A

C2As from TWW-SJ: Contact Gov Brown & Divest CalSTRS

Together We Will – San José is an intersectional, feminist, inclusive, anti-racist community dedicated to progressive activism.

TWO Calls to Action this week:

  • Spread the word to California educators about getting CalSTRS to divest from companies that profit from incarcerating immigrants – URGENT! Meeting is 9/20!
  • Contact Governor Jerry Brown about signing 5 bills that support immigrant and marginalized communities

Read on for details!

👉 URGENT: CalSTRS Update – if you’re covered by CalSTRS, see actions below. If not, please share with all your CA teacher/educator friends!

California State Teacher’s Retirement System (CalSTRS) has promised an update to its investigation about divesting from for-profit prison companies CoreCivic and GeoGroup at its next Investment Committee Meeting on September 20th. They’ve refused to include supplying corporation General Dynamics in this investigation.
Teachers please:
a) CALL or EMAIL CalSTRS at Phone: 800-228-5453 or 916-414-1099 or Let them know how long you’ve been teaching and how you feel about your pension being invested in corporations that make millions off of the incarceration of migrant families and youth of color. Ask them to divest from CoreCivic, GeoGroup, AND General Dynamics.
b) SIGN the petition by Educators for Migrant Justice (even if you previously signed the TWWSJ petition – this is a different one).
c) ATTEND the CalSTRS meeting, 100 Waterfront Pl, West Sacramento, CA 95605. Bring a sign and a short speech if you like, wear Red for Ed, or just lend your support in person. More info on the Facebook event. Agenda posted here (scroll down for Sept 20).
d) FORWARD this email to your friends & coworkers and to your union, post on NextDoor, tweet, share this public TWWSJ Facebook post – SPREAD THE WORD that teachers don’t want their pensions supporting for-profit prisons!

👉 There are many bills on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk right now, awaiting his signature. Our partners from SEIU-USWW, San Jo Brown Berets, and South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking have alerted us to these 5 important ones – please CALL (916) 445-2841, EMAIL AND/OR use Resistbot or other method of contact to urge the Governor to sign these bills.

a) Help stop rape on the night shift! Support the 100 brave women janitors who walked 100 miles from SF to SAC – urge Gov. Brown to sign AB-2079 Janitorial workers: sexual violence and harassment prevention training.
b) Support Ethnic Studies in California – Representation matters! AB-2772 allows for high schools in California to apply for grants to incorporate ethnic studies as a curriculum. SB-895 will require the Department of Education to make a Vietnamese American studies curriculum that will be accessible for district adoption. Studies have shown that when students feel represented in their classroom, it increases class engagement, attendance, and performance in other academic areas. Tell the Governor to sign these bills!
c) Stop human trafficking! AB-2034 will require transit employees in bus, train, or light-rail operations to undergo human trafficking awareness training by January 2021. Please email Gov Brown at AND cc:
d) Decriminalize street vending across the state! SB-946 is a way to empower and provide healthy food to immigrant and low income communities. Please email the Gov at AND cc:,,

We’re glad you’re with us!

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We are always looking for members to get involved in the leadership of this group, so if you want to help out and like working with a great group of organizers, let us know! Reply to this email or PM us on Messenger, and we’ll get right back to you.  
–Miriam Martín & Felicia Gershberg, lead organizers, TWWSJ

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