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Welcome new members, and a welcome back members who are re-engaging after the new year, or the second Women’s March! We’re so glad you’re here!  Together We Will – San José is an intersectional, feminist, inclusive, anti-racist community dedicated to progressive activism in San José, California.
There are many ways to get involved, from signing petitions, to making calls, to showing up at advocacy meetings. We put together a big list of things you can do right now, see the “Take Action” section below.
Please also consider joining our Facebook Group, where you’ll see Calls to Action, events, social gatherings, and more! For our complete listing of local actions and events check out our online event calendar. Post in the Facebook group to find out who else is going!
We are always looking for folks to get involved in the leadership of this group, so if you want to help out and like working with a great group of women, let us know! Just respond to this email with a little more information about yourself and someone will get right back to you.  
Welcome back, welcome home, and I hope to connect with you soon!
–Miriam Martin, lead organizer, TWWSJ


On Saturday January 20th, the Resistance Chorus Silicon Valley made our first appearance at an action.  The Chorus was started in September 2017 by leader/director David Creighton. From 12 people at our first organizational meeting, we have grown to dozens of active members at rehearsals. There were 45 of us on Saturday, wearing our white scarves and singing as loudly and joyously as we could to support the thousands of people marching in the San Jose Women’s March. We are eagerly looking forward to more appearances in support of progressive causes in our area—bringing our values of peace, inclusion, justice, and citizenship and “Singing For a Better World.”  For me personally, singing in the chorus is bringing joy and fulfillment to my resistance work in a way that my other activities haven’t done.

If you are interested in joining the Chorus, or in requesting our participation in a progressive event in the South Bay area, you can email David.

Contributed by Kerry Moore.


Keep the momentum going after the Women’s March!

Here are some actions you can do in the coming week:

  1. Sign TWWSJ’s letter supporting the removal of the Christopher Columbus statue at San José City Hall: If you can attend the city council meeting this Tuesday (1/30), please come to show your support.
  2. In line with the Women’s March theme of #PowerToThePolls, TWWSJ is helping to collect signatures to get the Voting Restoration & Democracy Act (VRDA) on the ballot in 2018! Interested in signing? Contact: Deborah Garvey through the TWWSJ Facebook group.  
  3. Are you registered to vote? Is your voter registration up to date? If not, follow this link:
  4. Also continuing the theme of the march, please support Student Advocates for Higher Education (SAHE), a San Jose State University organization led by women of color. During the Women’s March, TWWSJ partnered with SAHE to raise funds for this worthy group; look for donation information here:
  5. Check out TWWSJ’s latest Call to Action (C2A), located at, and pick one action to do today!  
  6. Click “Comment now” and leave a comment against Trump’s plan to open oil fields to lease off the coast of California: (doesn’t work on mobile).
  7. Take action in support of immigrants:
    1. 15,927 young people have lost their DACA protections since September.  Call / use Resistbot to contact your Members of Congress and demand that they support a clean Dream Act. That means opposing proposals to build a 350-mile, $18 billion wall with taxpayer dollars, increase the number of detention centers, and fund increased interior enforcement (i.e. raids).  
    2. Save the numbers of your local Rapid Response Network to your phone, and be ready to call and report ICE activities if you see any. You can find the numbers for the Northern California Rapid Response Network here:

More actions to do this coming month:

  1. Join one of our action teams!  They are the heart of Together We Will – San José, allowing smaller groups of members to devote themselves to specific issues (e.g. immigration, the environment, etc.).  Each team offers opportunities to take direct action, learn more and educate others, and connect with community activists working on the same issues.  You can explore and sign up for the teams here:
  2. Attend a training event or workshop:
    1. Santa Clara County Immigration Rapid Responder Training:
    2. Bystander Intervention Training (hosted by TWWSJ & CAIR):

More actions to do over the next few months:

  1. Learn about intersectionality, a key concept underlying progressive movements, and how it relates to contemporary feminism. As Jarune Uwujaren and Jamie Utt wrote, “Intersectional feminism is difficult. If you’re doing it right, it should be challenging you, stretching you, and making you uncomfortable.”  Here’s their quick overview:  The term was coined by legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw; watch her TED talk here:  And you can read more about how to be an ally to people of color at:
  2. Find, and follow on Facebook, intellectuals from marginalized and diverse communities.  Sit with what you read and practice listening to voices you may not hear every day.  Consider paying these writers, usually via PayPal or Patreon, for their intellectual work.
  3. Learn about, follow and donate to organizations headed by and devoted to people of color.  There are dozens of excellent groups, ranging from established ones like the NAACP, MALDEF, and the Southern Poverty Law Center to newer ones like Color of Change, CAIR, Black Lives Matter, Trans Women of Color Collective, the Innocence Project, the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance, etc.
  4. Make a deliberate effort to show up for events and actions organized by groups led by people of color.  As a community, we can help to challenge racism and other injustices!  
  5. Support (with money, time, get-out-the-vote drives) progressives, especially people of color, running for office. Take a look at these websites for some ideas:,,
  6. Need to take a break?  Absolutely.  As activist Jen Hoffman says, “Self care is a radical way to resist because it fuels your efforts to defend democracy, giving you energy and strength. … The goal of self care is to cultivate internal resourcefulness—no matter what’s happening in the world around you. When we’re resourceful, we can do more together.”  Take a break — we recommend checking out — and then come back to join us!


Have an action you think we should share? Send it to us!


Our TWWSJ Intersectionality Action Group is planning on starting our Intersectionality 101 workshops up again and need help with logistics and planning. The role would involve scheduling participants and trainers and finding space to host the workshops. Time commitment will be just a few hours a month, in months when we have workshops. If you’re interested in learning to facilitate the workshops, that would be great, too, but not required. Contact Miriam for more information.


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