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Take Action

About Our Action Teams

Go deeper — join a local action team! You must be a Together We Will – San José group member first. Different teams meet, plan actions, support community efforts, create resources, and foster discussion on important topics. What matters most to you?

  • Be the Change Book Club
  • Call to Action (C2A) curation, research and sharing
  • EARTH (Environment, Arts, Research, Technology, Habitat): “We discuss climate, environment, science and art (think saving PBS and NPR) issues. Linking up with local climate/environment/science activism groups. Create calls to action for the main TWW group.”
  • Feminist Crafts
  • Health Care for All (ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, single-payer)
  • Immigrant & Refugee Rights
  • Indivisible/MoveOn campaign
  • Media/PR, Tech Support, Tools & Website Development
  • Public Education
  • Social and Meetups
  • Solidarity & Intersectionality: “We focus on educating ourselves and others to fight privilege and bias and become better allies to minorities and other marginalized groups.”
  • Syria Triage to support grassroots orgs that are led by Syrians, Middle Easterners and refugees
  • TurnBlue: “Working with organizations such as Swing Left, Sister District, and Flippable, we will help elect progressives at every level of government, turning America from Red to Blue. We will inform, register and support voters in swing districts to vote their interests, focusing on District 10 (Modesto), our nearest Swing District, as well as other competitive races.”
  • TWW Sister Chapters – currently partnered with Kentucky Bluegrass
  • TWWSJ Admin & Leadership
  • Women’s Health & Safety

Interested in joining an action team? Make sure you join Together We Will – San Jose and fill out the form to get started!