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Members of the resistance often take comfort in their animal companions. Here you’ll find some pics and profiles of TWWSJ pets, and maybe information about where you might find one of your own. Submit yours here!

ResistCute: Jo Jo and Jack

Becky’s domestic short hair feline friends, Jo Jo and Jack, have differing political aspirations: “Jo Jo is a drama queen with major attitude but she manages to win over everyone she meets. I am sure Jo Jo believes she should be the president and she would start her own political party.¬†Jack is a very sweet boy, very food motivated. I know he’d be a bleeding heart liberal. He is quite tolerant and kind towards others.”

(Jo Jo is a “foster failure” from Town Cats of Morgan Hill; Jack comes from the San Jose Animal Care Center)

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ResistCute: Pal & Buddy for America

Pal & Buddy, J FIsher's Mini Doodles

These adorable mini-doodles are rocking their flag-themed bandannas and reclaiming patriotism for progressives. J says: “Pal & Buddy have joined #TheResistance and are helping to #SaveOurDemocracy.”

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ResistCute: Lady Gina Spamone

Lady Gina Spamone - Mikayla's Guinea Pig

Mikayla says: “I adopted this little lady from the Humane Society last month. She’s pretty cool she enjoys running around in the grass, eating ice cold carrots on hot days, and watching documentaries to get woke.”

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ResistCute: Spock the Cat

Spock the Cat - Colleen's Maine Coon

Colleen says: “Spock, a 27 pound, 45 inch long Maine Coon contemplates helping build a future where all breeds, including bipeds, are treated with respect and equal rights. A true progressive living in San Jose, Spock uses his fame to help others, and enjoys bring daily smiles to people around the world during these difficult times.”

(Spock supports the great work done by Maine Coon Adoptions for homeless cats in the Bay Area)

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ResistCute: Hank a.k.a. Henri

Hank a.k.a. Henri - Sandy's cat

Sandy’s feline companion, Hank (a.k.a. Henri), is an American Shorthair who thinks TWWSJ should include universal veterinary care in its goals.

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