DUE TUESDAY: Call to Action for Sunday, November 4

URGENT Call for comments!!! I know there’s a lot going on right now, but Tuesday, November 6 is the LAST DAY to comment on the Trump admin’s proposal to allow indefinite detention of minor immigrants – i.e. unending imprisonment of innocent children. Go to the regulations dot gov link to comment directly, and see more info and scripts you can copy and personalize:

From 5calls:

In 1997, a federal court decided in Flores v. Reno that the government couldn’t detain an immigrant child beyond a reasonable amount of time, defined in 2014 as 20 days. To work around this legal obligation, the Trump administration is considering detaining asylum-seeking families together for 20 days, and then forcing the parents into a “binary choice” – either stay in family detention with their children for an undetermined amount of time, or allow the children to be taken into government custody in the hopes a relatives can seek guardianship. Asking parents to make such a choice is not only immoral, but also potentially illegal under current law.

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