Call to Action: County Sanctuary Policies

Per TWW-SJ’s mission, we’re asking members to SUPPORT and AMPLIFY the Santa Clara County Forum for Immigrant Rights Empowerment (FIRE) Coalition, and TAKE ACTION!

SIGN ON: Comment “agree”* on this post to have TWW-SJ sign on to the FIRE Coalition’s statement in support of our County’s Civil Detainer Policy (“sanctuary policy”) – see text in Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network (SIREN)’s post, Statement Regarding Santa Clara County’s Civil Detainer Policy.

SPEAK UP: Call the County Board of Supervisors – phone numbers and script below.

AMPLIFY: Share SIREN’s post along with contact info and script (copy/paste from below), so that more County residents will call.

SHOW UP: attend the County Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, April 9 — let’s help fill the room! Stay tuned for more info.

This info and call script are from the FIRE coalition (via SURJ at Sacred Heart) – please copy/paste to include in your post and stick to the script when you call/email:

Santa Clara County has been a leader in the country with one of the strongest civil detainer policies in the nation. The county litigated the policy against the Trump Administration and upheld its due process protections for all. But right now, racist, right-wing forces like Breitbart and Fox News are piling on, manipulating a heartbreaking tragedy in order to demonize all immigrants and undo Santa Clara’s pro-immigrant policies.

Can you take 30 seconds to call the Board of Supervisors today and urge them to uphold our values?

Call script:

My name is ____ and I live in ______. I am calling because I strongly support Santa Clara County’s current “Sanctuary” or Civil Detainer Policy, and I urge the Board NOT to water down due process protections for immigrants.

Our local policy keeps families together, helps victims and witnesses come forward, and protects due process for everyone, including immigrants. I am very upset that people long-opposed to our policy are trying to politicize a terrible tragedy in order to demonize immigrants and undercut due process.

I urge your office to not change or amend the policy in any way and to stay strong and make sure that everyone, including immigrants, is treated equally.

  • District 1 Mike Wasserman: call 408-299-5010
  • District 2 Cindy Chavez: call 408-299-5020
  • District 3 Dave Cortese: call 408-299-5030
  • District 4 Susan Ellenberg: call 408-299-5040
  • District 5 Joe Simitian: call 408-299-5050

Find your Supervisor (enter zip in search box on the right).

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Stand with SCU Adjuncts and Lecturers

On Saturday, January 20, union organizers rallied in support of Santa Clara University adjunct faculty and lecturers.

Signs read things like:

SCU, did you know…
“We need to all come together to give a consistent voice to our needs, whether it be stability of employment, housing, child care, or even respect in the workplace.” Mary Long, Lecturer

Support SCU Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers Union

The SCU administration denied a campus-wide call to partner with faculty to hold a free and fair vote on unionization. A vote on unionization would enable adjunct faculty and lecturers to choose whether to unionize.

Contact Father Engh, SCU’s president, and John Sobrato, Chairman on SCU’s Board of Trustees, and tell them to reverse their decision and partner with adjunct faculty and lecturers for a free and fair vote on unionization.


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Call to Action for Wednesday, January 9

Two students from the SJSU Student Homeless Alliance (SHA) talked to Together We Will – San José about the serious problem of homelessness and housing insecurity among SJSU students. A survey found that 13.2% of the 33,000 students at San Jose State University have experienced homelessness in the past year.

The students asked members of the community to do this quick and easy Call to Action:

  • Contact SJSU President Mary Papazian at 408-924-1177 or
  • Tell her you support SJSU SHA’s demands for:
    • More emergency housing
    • Safe parking in the 7th St. garage
    • Better communication of information about housing support resources
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Call to Action for Friday, November 30


Please show up at the event on Tuesday OR reach out to the San Jose City Council (or both!) – even if you aren’t a resident! Our mission statement says: “Together We Will – San José is an intersectional, feminist, inclusive, anti-racist community dedicated to progressive activism.” Now is the time to walk our talk and practice what we preach! Silicon Valley De-Bug, PACT, and many other organizations are coming together to say YES to womxn and children and NO to corporate greed. Let’s join them!


Info from Jocelín Hernandez, a lifelong East San José resident, a Masters Candidate at USF in Human Rights Education and a Public School Educator:

Womyn and children are experiencing great violence because of development from companies like Google. The land that is currently in negotiation to be sold is currently zoned for housing, we have more than 7,000 of our neighbors in the streets, many whom are womxn survivors of domestic violence. We should be building housing for them and our unhoused youth instead of selling rare public land for corporate interest.

Google only hires less that 4% of Latinos and has an incredible culture of violence towards womxn and people of color. There has been no accountability in cases of sexual assault towards womyn by the company. How can we let a company of those anti-womxn values come and take over our city?

The Google project will NOT include housing, much less affordable housing. Rents will skyrocket and mortgage payments for low-income homeowners will also exponentially increase.

Currently, commercial and tech development is sold as the great answer to neighborhood poverty and disinvestment – conditions which are both a symptom and cause of cumulative vulnerabilities already present. The Google project would result is seemingly unstoppable gentrification through unsustainable tech growth and democratic encroachment.

ChromeBooks, free wifi, and coding classes are a slap in the face to educators and students whose public schools are closing down (3 so far in the south side) and who are being pushed out into the streets, into their cars and out the city. We need and deserve housing. Housing is a human right. Housing is a Womxn’s right. Housing dignity and stability is what makes a city thrive.


  1. SHOW UP Dec 4th: and provide public comment demanding the City to not sell PUBLIC land to corporate interest and builds affordable housing, urban gardens and community centered infrastructure instead! The City Hall Meeting starts at 1:30, but will likely continue late. You can come at any time. Even if you’re not a San Jose Resident, come anyway and show your support!
  2. CALL OR EMAIL: your city representatives! if you’re not a San Jose resident, call them anyways! More research and talking points are below.
  3. SPREAD THE WORD: Post on your timeline, message friends, and do everything you can to AMPLIFY this call!
Dec. 4th @ 1:30pm: stop the vote to sell public land to Google!

Dec. 4th @ 1:30pm: stop the vote to sell public land to Google!

San Jose City Council district map

San Jose City Council district map

San Jose City Council email list

San Jose City Council email list

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DUE TUESDAY: Call to Action for Sunday, November 4

URGENT Call for comments!!! I know there’s a lot going on right now, but Tuesday, November 6 is the LAST DAY to comment on the Trump admin’s proposal to allow indefinite detention of minor immigrants – i.e. unending imprisonment of innocent children. Go to the regulations dot gov link to comment directly, and see more info and scripts you can copy and personalize:

From 5calls:

In 1997, a federal court decided in Flores v. Reno that the government couldn’t detain an immigrant child beyond a reasonable amount of time, defined in 2014 as 20 days. To work around this legal obligation, the Trump administration is considering detaining asylum-seeking families together for 20 days, and then forcing the parents into a “binary choice” – either stay in family detention with their children for an undetermined amount of time, or allow the children to be taken into government custody in the hopes a relatives can seek guardianship. Asking parents to make such a choice is not only immoral, but also potentially illegal under current law.

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URGENT Call to Action for Thursday, October 25

Urgent! California Atty Gen. Becerra is asking urgently for everybody concerned about the proposed EPA rollback of SAFE vehicle emissions standards to comment by 9pm PDT on Friday, October 26 to Docket Number EPA-HQ-OAR-2018-0283.


In August, the EPA proposed rolling back vehicle emission standards (in place since 2012) and put forward much weaker “SAFE Vehicle” standards that will result in worsening air pollution and greenhouse gases. Studies show that air pollution not only aggravates asthma and lung disease, it harms children’s developing brains.

See also:

Comment here: 

Want some guidance for your comments?

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Call to Action for Friday, October 12

The traumatic separation of families at the border was a blatant attack on immigrants seeking a better life. Now the terrifying attacks continue: A proposed regulation from the Trump administration would punish immigrants for accessing basic needs programs like Medicaid, food stamps, and housing assistance. Do something TODAY to #ProtectFamilies! Your comments are the one way to stop this:

Action via TWWSJ’s community partner, San Jose Peace & Justice Center. Follow them on Facebook!

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Take Action to Oppose Anti-Protest Rule

DEADLINE is in 5 days (October 15)

White House Seeks to Stifle Protests Near White House and on National Mall!

1. Go to

2. Write a Comment OPPOSING this rule. It should be short and direct. Example:

“I strongly oppose this proposed rule. The proposal would close 80 percent of the White House sidewalk, put new limits on spontaneous demonstrations, and open the door to charging fees for protesting. The park service plans to close 20 feet of the 25-foot-wide White House sidewalk, limiting demonstrators to a 5-foot sliver along Pennsylvania Avenue. This is perhaps the most iconic public forum in America, allowing “We the People” to express our views directly to the chief executive.”

3. Your contact information is Optional!

4. Click “Continue” button.

5. Check box “I Read and Understand the Statement” then click “SUBMIT COMMENT.”

6. Make sure that you see the RECEIPT screen and note your Comment Tracking Number.

Thanks to TWWSJ member Rebecca for the steps!

Read more:

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Calls to Action for Thursday, October 11

SO MANY upcoming phone banks and postcard parties hosted by local organizations! Join them to truly make a difference! Follow TWWSJ’s Google calendar for more ideas.


  • Phone banking from 4-8:00 at the Santa Clara County Democratic Party HQ on Moorpark in San Jose to support Josh Harder (CA-10). RSVP via CA Dem.
  • Postcards from 7-9pm at the Democratic Volunteer Center in Palo Alto to support Democratic CA Congressional candidates. RSVP via Google Form.


  • Postcards from 9-12:00 in the Cambrian area of San Jose to support three women running for Congress. RSVP by emailing Jandy Jones at
  • Postcards from 10:30-1:00 in Mountain View to support Georgia candidates. RSVP via Google Form.
  • Phone banking from 3:30-6:30 in Mountain View to support Beto O’Rourke (TX Senate candidate against Cruz) . RSVP via Beto for Texas.


  • Phone banking from 10-2:00 at the Santa Clara County Democratic Party HQ on Moorpark in San Jose to support CA-10 or CA-21. RSVP via CA Dem.
  • Phone banking from 1-4:00 at the DVC in Palo Alto for Beto O’Rourke. RSVP via Beto for Texas.


  • Postcards and phone banking from 2-5:00 at Panera Bread in Sunnyvale. RSVP by emailing
  • Phone banking from 4-8:00 at the Santa Clara County Democratic Party HQ on Moorpark in San Jose to support CA-10 or CA-21. RSVP via CA Dem.


  • Postcards from 11-1:00 at the DVC in Palo Alto to support Democratic CA Congressional candidates. RSVP via Google Form.
  • Phone banking from 4:30-7:30 at the DVC in Palo Alto for Jacky Rosen (NV).
  • Phone banking from 6-8:30 on the Alameda in San Jose to support Josh Harder (CA-10). RSVP via Google Form.


  • Postcards from 5:30-7:30 in Mountain View to support Georgia candidates. RSVP via Google Form.
  • Postcards from 7-9:00pm at the DVC in Palo Alto to support Democratic CA Congressional candidates. RSVP via Google Form.


League of Women Voters’ presents a 18th Congressional District Debate with Anna Eshoo and Christine Russell, 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at the Campbell Community Center.

Come support Congresswoman Anna Eshoo as she debates her challenger, Christine Russell. It’s a great opportunity to hear multiple perspectives about the issues we face, and how your Congresswoman is working to solve them. There is no cost for this event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Call to Action for Tuesday, October 9

Voter Registration Edition

1. This is the LAST DAY for folks in AZ, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, KY, NV, NM, OH, PA, or TN to register to vote online; people in MI, MS, MT, and TX must do so by today as well, but in person or by mail.

Ask your friends in these states if they’re registered and if they have checked their status, since the voter rolls in many states have been “cleaned.”

2. California’s voter registration deadline is Oct. 22! Register online via the official site and encourage your friends and family (especially young adults) to do the same. Don’t forget to check your own registration.

Comment below if you’ve checked your voter registration to make sure you’re still on the rolls!

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