TEACHERS: Lobby CalSTRS on Retirement Investments


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CalSTRS, the California State Teacher’s Retirement System, has about 13,000,000 invested in Core Civic and The Geo Group, two for-profit prison companies making money off of immigrant misery at the border. It’s time for teachers to make our voices heard. The City of New York and the City of Philadelphia have both divested their pensions from these companies, California must do so as well! Please:

1. CONTACT YOUR UNION REP and share your concerns with them. Ask them what are next steps.

2. SIGN A LETTER IN SUPPORT OF DIVESTING FROM FOR-PROFIT PRISONS, spearheaded by a TWWSJ member: https://goo.gl/forms/T9fwPoaNSKU1h2K23


Contact Cal-STRS directly! Reach out to the Teacher’s Retirement Board Compensation and Investment Committee at:

  • Email: Board@CalSTRS.com
  • Phone: 916-414-2201.

Sample text:

“I was recently informed that CalSTRS holds stock in CoreCivic Inc., and the GEO Group, two companies involved in running private prisons. These prisons are implicated in the mass incarceration of Americans, and now profit from the imprisonment of refugee children at our borders and the separation of refugee and immigrant families.

As a teacher who has spent my entire career working to serve children and families, I am appalled that CalSTRS would invest our money in organizations which profit from the destruction of families and communities. It is unconscionable that our retirement funds are being used to support this immoral system.

CalSTRS stated approach is “engagement not divestment”. As an account holder, I demand that you a) show me exactly how they are putting pressure on the companies to be better and b) show me evidence that that “pressure” has had any impact whatsoever. If you are unable to do that, then I call for the immediate divestment of these stocks (and those of any other private prison companies) held by CalSTRS and for a socially responsible and beneficent model of investment as a whole.”

3. Check ANY and ALL pensions, investments, and mutual funds for involvement with Core Civic (CXW) or Geo Group (GEO). (CalPERS, FRS). If you have holdings in these prison-for-profit companies, consider divestiture.

4. Reach out to these state leaders to urge divestiture of State pensions in for-profit prisons.

5. Educate yourself further on this issue by reading below. Feel free to discuss, comment, and ask questions.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available. Check back soon!

It’s incumbent upon us to DO something. We’re teachers. We know how to make things happen! If you’re not in CalSTRS, there are plenty of other actions to take. Google “fight family separation at the border” for ideas! Let’s come in on the right side of history. Let’s NOT look back in five years and say “my G-d, I saw it coming, why didn’t I do more?”

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  1. Pam T July 5, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    Hey, just called CalSTRS and their public information officer essentially volunteered info about the upcoming Board meeting, inviting members to come to the July 20th meeting in West Sacramento and give public comment. What can we do about this??
    Her name is Diane Stanton and her number is [phone number removed by admin in case it isn’t public].

    Also, are you guys spreading this to local teachers’ unions? Who else are you partnering with? Interested in helping.

    Pam Tellew

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