Calls to Action for Tuesday, July 3


“If you are one of these folks who is watching cable news at your cocktail parties with your friends and you are saying ‘civilization is collapsing’ and you are nervous and worried, but that is not where you are putting all your time, energy and money, then either you don’t actually think civilization is collapsing … or you are not pushing yourself hard enough and I would push harder.” —Barack Obama

This week’s actions come from, or build on, Sunday’s TWWSJ VIP (Virtual/In-person) Advocacy Party. Pick any or all to start this week off right!

TODAY’S ISSUE: Call for a fair, unbiased judiciary, and defeat Trump’s SUPREME COURT pick.

What you can do:

1. Expect Trump and the GOP to move quickly to fill Kennedy’s seat ASAP! The folks at Indivisible have created a document outlining a 2-step strategy for trying to block Trump’s Supreme Court nomination. Basically, it comes down to ensuring that *all* Democratic senators oppose whomever is nominated, and trying to convince moderate Republicans to add their dissent, and then, in November, winning as many Senate seats as possible. In short: pressure the Senate and GET OUT THE VOTE. The document has specific scripts, depending on whether you’re in a blue state or red. Read it and encourage your friends in other states to read and act on it too.

2. Call your Senators and demand that no Supreme Court Justice be approved while a president is under investigation. Or you can use this script from YouLobby to argue that there should be no confirmation hearings until after the election:

“Hello, I’m ___________ from ___________. I’m very concerned about the new opening on the Supreme Court. We need a moderate justice. The Supreme Court’s decisions have a major impact for future generations on important issue surrounding abortion rights, LGBT rights, affirmative action, voting rights, and campaign finance. Senate Majority Leader McConnell set the precedent in 2016 of holding a vacant Supreme Court seat open during an election year to allow the American people to vote before a new justice is confirmed. Please do everything in your power to hold up any Trump nominee confirmations before the midterm elections. Thank you.”


  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein: (202) 224-3841 or (415) 393-0707
  • Sen. Kamala Harris: (202) 224-3553 or (415) 355-9041)

3. Already done what you can on the Supreme Court issue? Then call your Senators to oppose other biased, extremist, unfit appointments to the judiciary. Americans of Conscience suggests calling about these six nominees who discriminate against our LGBTQ neighbors: Sen. Mark Norris, Kyle Duncan, Howard Nielson, Ryan Bounds, Gordon Giampietro, and Michael Brennan.

4. Not a judiciary fight, but having to do with VOTING: California is one of seven states and two territories that has still not applied for election security funds, which are grants that states can use to do things like: replace voting equipment that only records a voter’s intent electronically with equipment that utilizes a voter verified paper record; upgrade election-related computer systems to address cyber vulnerabilities identified through Department of Homeland Security; implement established cybersecurity best practices for election systems; and fund other activities that will improve the security of elections for Federal office.

The deadline is JULY 16. Contact the Elections Division of the office of the CA Secretary of State by phone (916) 657-2166 or using the online form and use this script from Americans of Conscience:

“Hi. I’m from [ZIP] and calling to express concern that [name] has not yet submitted a budget to apply for HAVA Election Security Funds. California has until July 16 to submit a budget, and I want the Elections Division to make this a priority. Can you let me know what their plans are?”

Stay tuned! Tomorrow’s actions will be about Climate Change Action.

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