Calls to Action for Monday, July 30

Can you write five letters to Ohio TODAY to help flip a U.S. Rep race to blue? I just came across this organization yesterday and tested it out myself before passing this along. Easy! Scripts! Short letters! Proven to help get people to the polls! But you have to start THIS MORNING! Here’s what you do:

1. Go to and enter your email and some info. Do this RIGHT NOW because they need some time to confirm that you’re a real person!

2. Once they approve you, you’ll get an email with five names and addresses of registered Democrats who voted in ’12 and ’16 but not ’14 (last midterm election).

3. You send them a letter asking them to vote and mail it ASAP! The special election (for Danny O’Connor in Ohio #12) is next Tues, Aug. 7th.

Thanks! This is kind of like (who actually RAN OUT of addresses for Danny’s campaign because so many people wrote!) but a little different. Interesting strategy. Let’s write some letters!

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