Calls to Action for Wednesday, October 11

Today’s actions:

  1. Submit a public comment on birth control rule
  2. Join a community discussion on climate resiliency in Alviso
  3. Ask Gov. Brown to sign the Religious Freedom Act


(Submitted by member Nicole Lynn)

Submit a public comment to oppose the new rule that will take away women’s rights to birth control (script is provided – this is an easy action item, folks!) on the ACLU’s Action site.

Donald Trump opened the floodgates to discrimination in the name of religion with his so-called “religious freedom” executive order. The first wave has arrived – and it’s a direct attack on contraception access.

Trump’s new rules threaten to gut the benefit ensuring that all insurance plans cover birth control at no cost – all under the guise of religious “liberty.” No one should have to pay for their bosses’ religious beliefs. That’s why the ACLU is suing the Trump administration – and why we need you to take action now.

The rule must go through a public comment process – which means that we have a key moment to raise our voices and make this rule so toxic that they have to drop it.

The Affordable Care Act contraceptive benefit was meant to advance women’s health and equality. But the new rule proves once again that women’s health and equality are not on the Trump administration’s agenda.

Here are some lowlights:

The new rules authorize an employer to deny its employees contraceptive coverage if it has a religious or moral objection. It also allows universities to deny this coverage to their students.

The new rules suggest women won’t suffer because they can still access contraception through safety-net programs like Title X and Medicaid – two programs that have been under steady attack from Congress and the White House.

The rules reveal the administration’s belief that even if contraception coverage furthers gender equality, that’s not a good enough reason to ensure that women get it.

2. Join us for a Community Discussion on Climate Resiliency – Sea Level Rise in Alviso, Wed. Oct. 18, 7-8:30pm

(Submitted by member Jocelin Hernandez)

Event info on the Resilient by Design | Bay Area Challenge website.

Please join Working Partnerships USA in partnership with the Resilient by Design | Bay Area Challenge for an expert panel and community discussion on climate resilience to sea level rise in immigrant and low-income neighborhoods. We’ll explore Alviso as a site vulnerable to sea-level rise, examine the impact of immigration and socioeconomic status in creating climate resilience, and underline ongoing efforts to address the current and future needs of immigrant, low-income communities in face of climate change.

Environmental disasters are on the rise around the world. Whether we are looking as local disasters, such as the Coyote Creek Flood, or looking towards environmental disasters elsewhere, immigration status and other socioeconomic factors must not be over looked. Just recently, immigrant communities in Texas were forced to decide between deportation and safety, as the Administration stated that ICE checkpoints would remain open throughout the flood. These socio-economic disparities create unique challenges for immigrant and low-income communities that must be addressed in any genuine, equitable conversation about climate resilience in Alviso, or the larger San Jose area.

Please join us for an important conversation about the future safely of our communities! This event is free and open to the public. A light dinner and refreshments will be served.

3. Call Governor Jerry Brown and ask him to sign SB 31 – The CA Religious Freedom Act

(Submitted by member Ana Araujo)

  • Gov. Jerry Brown: (916) 445-2841


I am calling in strong support of Senator Ricardo Lara’s SB 31, The California Religious Freedom Act.

This bill will prohibit state and local agencies from creating such a registry, and from making their databases available for such a registry. In addition, state and local police agencies would be barred from collecting information about religious belief, and from enforcing any federal registration requirements.

During the Trump presidential campaign, calls were made to establish a Muslim Registry. We must fight back against shameful policies with SB 31 by ensuring that California resists any calls to create a registry based off of religion, ethnicity, and national origin. SB 31 protects American values, civil liberties and the rights of California’s Muslim communities.

I urge a signature on SB 31.

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