Calls to Action for Thursday, August 17

A variety of short action items – pick and choose but do SOMETHING TODAY!

1. Fire White House white supremacists. A resolution has been proposed in the House to fire any WH staff who have encouraged white supremacists. It has been signed by 31 House Democrats, including Ro Khanna. I made a lot of calls to check if Lofgren and Eshoo have signed it and it appears they have not. So, please call your rep – either thank Khanna or ask the other two if they have signed and encourage them to do so. (It doesn’t have an official number at this time, but was proposed by Rep. Jayapal in March.)

More info here:

  • Zoe Lofgren: (202) 225-3072 or (408) 271-8700
  • Ro Khanna: (202) 225-2631 or (408) 436-2720
  • Anna Eshoo: (202) 225-8104 or (408) 245-2339

2. Keep hate out of the Bay Area. White supremacist groups are planning to come to the Bay Area, including Crissy Field. The park service is reconsidering its decision of granting them a permit, and has set up a comment line. Please leave a message at the recording at 415-561-2822 to voice your concerns.

3. Support C’ville youth. Please send words of love and encouragement to the youth of Charlottesville through postcards. Postcards can be mailed to P.O. Box 814, Charlottesville, VA 22902.

More info from Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Blue Ridge

4. Sign this petition from our friends at Color of Change to remove Confederate symbols:

5. Consider donating to victims’ medical expenses. There may be more but these are the ones I’ve found:

6. Call our senators and demand the removal of Bannon, Miller, and Gorka, who white supremacists see as an advocate for their cause.

“I’m [name] and I’m a constituent in [zip]. I am horrified by the rise of white supremacy in America. White supremacists say that Trump is supportive of their views and see Bannon, Miller and Gorka as their advocates in the White House. It is intolerable to have these men remain as White House advisers. A divided country can never heal until they are removed. I urge the Senator to demand that these three men be dismissed from the White House.”

  • Senator Harris: (202) 224-3553 or (415) 355-9041
  • Senator Feinstein: (202) 224-3841 or (415) 393-0707

Someday we will look back at these dark days, and know we did what we could.

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