Calls to Action for Sunday, September 24

Today’s action submitted by Vicki Carter Alexander.

TAKE ACTION to help protect the Mojave Desert! Speak out against moving groundwater from the Mojave to SoCal! Write or call the following two senators and voice your strong support for AB 1000 and ask that it be released for a vote!

  • Contact Senator Ricardo Lara, who is the Chair of the Committee where the bill is stuck (send message from or call (916) 651-4033 directly)
  • Senator Kevin De Leon the President Pro Tem of the State Senate, who can also move bills through the State Senate (send message from or call (916) 651-4024 directly)

Please do this as soon as possible. Use the following script or create a message in your own words.

“Please support AB 1000, the California Desert Protection Act. I understand that this bill is currently stuck in committee. Please release this bill for a vote.”

C2A: Focus on keeping desert groundwater in the desert (or at least be sure you are not killing that desert before you move its water). Assembly Bill (AB) 1000 “Water conveyance use of facility with unused capacity” is a bill that was introduced by assembly member Laura Friedman in 2017. It was motivated by an action that Cadiz Inc. is taking to move water from the Mojave Desert to southern California (see ( AB 1000 is currently blocked from moving forward in the legislature. Please work to get it UN-blocked!

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: This bill states, “Existing law prohibits the state or a regional or local public agency from denying a bona fide transferor of water from using a water conveyance facility that has unused capacity for the period of time for which that capacity is available, if fair compensation is paid for that use and other requirements are met.” This bill would, notwithstanding that provision, prohibit a transferor of water from using a water conveyance facility that has unused capacity to transfer water from a groundwater basin underlying desert lands, as defined, that is in the vicinity of specified federal lands or state lands to outside of the groundwater basin unless the State Lands Commission, in consultation with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, finds that the transfer of the water will not adversely affect the natural or cultural resources of those federal and state lands.”

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