Calls to Action for Monday, January 29


1. ACT – Women’s Rights – Tell Senate to Back Off.

A procedural vote on the measure telling women and doctors what to do with our bodies is expected to take place on Monday. Call your senators to register your disapproval: 1-844-USA-0234

Don’t forget to call out the bill’s 45 co-sponsors, a list of which you can find on

2. PREPARE – join the activists across the country who are preparing for what happens next if Trump does fire Mueller.

We can text the word “Mueller” to the number 94502 to get alerts from Public Citizen just in case, and we can find and pledge to attend “Nobody Above The Law” rallies that will take place across the country in immediate response to a firing.

3. PROTECT – Trump’s desire to fire Mueller was reported, and now he’s itching to fire Rod Rosenstein as well.

Demand action on legislation to protect the investigation from being obstructed by members of Congress. Tell them we want immediate action on proposed bipartisan bills to protect the special counsel. 1-844-USA-0234

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