Call to Action: Protest Kavanaugh Nomination

Sunday rally near Valley Fair to protest Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination (Sharing from

WHEN: Sunday, August 26 at 11:30 a.m.

WHERE: The Peace Corner, Santa Clara

Corner of Stevens Creek Blvd & Winchester Blvd (corner near David’s Bridal) (map)

WHY: Protest Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court!

Supreme Court Justices are nominated and confirmed to the Court for a lifetime appointment. As Trump sits in the White House, a politically polarizing confirmation could set American justice back for decades. The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh is an insult to the agonizingly slow progress of Justice that has been accomplished over the last 242 years! The Democratic party may not have the numbers to block this appointment, but do they have the will. It is frightful to think that there is a real possibility that Democrats could be responsible for ANOTHER conservative appointment.

Let’s show our community that there is real local opposition to Brett Kavanugh’s appointment! Our #StopKavanaugh action is a street protest. We’re taking our message directly to our audience, the public–directly to people who aren’t engaged yet. Directly to people who may not see our message anywhere else in their daily lives. Not to mention all of us standing out there with our signs, waving to them and engaging/inviting them to respond with their car honking, waves, and smiles. This is a great recruitment opportunity for people to see that there are others in our community that care and feel the same way they do.

See you out at The Peace Corner!

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