Call to Action for Friday, November 30


Please show up at the event on Tuesday OR reach out to the San Jose City Council (or both!) – even if you aren’t a resident! Our mission statement says: “Together We Will – San José is an intersectional, feminist, inclusive, anti-racist community dedicated to progressive activism.” Now is the time to walk our talk and practice what we preach! Silicon Valley De-Bug, PACT, and many other organizations are coming together to say YES to womxn and children and NO to corporate greed. Let’s join them!


Info from Jocelín Hernandez, a lifelong East San José resident, a Masters Candidate at USF in Human Rights Education and a Public School Educator:

Womyn and children are experiencing great violence because of development from companies like Google. The land that is currently in negotiation to be sold is currently zoned for housing, we have more than 7,000 of our neighbors in the streets, many whom are womxn survivors of domestic violence. We should be building housing for them and our unhoused youth instead of selling rare public land for corporate interest.

Google only hires less that 4% of Latinos and has an incredible culture of violence towards womxn and people of color. There has been no accountability in cases of sexual assault towards womyn by the company. How can we let a company of those anti-womxn values come and take over our city?

The Google project will NOT include housing, much less affordable housing. Rents will skyrocket and mortgage payments for low-income homeowners will also exponentially increase.

Currently, commercial and tech development is sold as the great answer to neighborhood poverty and disinvestment – conditions which are both a symptom and cause of cumulative vulnerabilities already present. The Google project would result is seemingly unstoppable gentrification through unsustainable tech growth and democratic encroachment.

ChromeBooks, free wifi, and coding classes are a slap in the face to educators and students whose public schools are closing down (3 so far in the south side) and who are being pushed out into the streets, into their cars and out the city. We need and deserve housing. Housing is a human right. Housing is a Womxn’s right. Housing dignity and stability is what makes a city thrive.


  1. SHOW UP Dec 4th: and provide public comment demanding the City to not sell PUBLIC land to corporate interest and builds affordable housing, urban gardens and community centered infrastructure instead! The City Hall Meeting starts at 1:30, but will likely continue late. You can come at any time. Even if you’re not a San Jose Resident, come anyway and show your support!
  2. CALL OR EMAIL: your city representatives! if you’re not a San Jose resident, call them anyways! More research and talking points are below.
  3. SPREAD THE WORD: Post on your timeline, message friends, and do everything you can to AMPLIFY this call!
Dec. 4th @ 1:30pm: stop the vote to sell public land to Google!

Dec. 4th @ 1:30pm: stop the vote to sell public land to Google!

San Jose City Council district map

San Jose City Council district map

San Jose City Council email list

San Jose City Council email list

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