Call to Action for Tuesday, September 26

TAKE ACTION by calling Governor Brown and asking him to sign the affordable housing bills that the state legislature passed the week of September 10, 2017.

Use the following script or create a message using your own words.

“Four important affordable housing bills were just passed by the California state legislature. I’m urging Governor Brown to sign SB2, SB3, SB35, and AB1505. Thank you for working to address California’s affordable housing crisis.”

C2A: Fifteen housing related bills were passed as the legislature finished up their session. The CEO of The Housing Trust spoke at a workshop that Vicki attended, and he said that four (4) of these bills are quite important, and they’re all waiting for Governor Brown’s signature. The four important bills are:

  1. SB2 provides $250M annually for affordable housing from real estate document fees
  2. SB3 is a $4B affordable housing bond that will now go to voters in 2018
  3. SB35 is a streamlining bill to more quickly approve developments that meet city guidelines and is aimed at cities that aren’t meeting their affordable housing goals
  4. AB1505 allows cities to once again have “inclusionary” zoning in new rental apartment developments. Under inclusionary zoning, local governments require developers of market-rate housing to include units affordable for low- and moderate-income residents.


Special thanks to Vicki Carter Alexander for submitting this C2A!

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