Call to Action for Sunday, February 4

TAKE ACTION by signing the petition to ask that the accusations of decades of sexual abuse at Presentation High School in San Jose, California, be taken seriously and actions be taken to protect the students. #TimesUp

Presentation High School: #PresentationToo (

C2A There is evidence that Presentation High School (PHS) parents reported parents inappropriate behavior by a teacher three years before he allegedly sexually abused another student during a school field trip. There is no acceptable excuse for schools not to engage the appropriate law enforcement agencies after receiving a report of sexual abuse or misconduct. The law requires people who work with children such as day care providers, teachers, and principals to report to police whenever there is “reasonable suspicion” of abuse. Although PHS administration has declined multiple interview requests, they released a statement claiming that “All reports of sexual harassment that have come to PHS have been handled properly by the school administration.”

FOLLOW-UP ACTIONS The PHS community has asked for an independent investigation into allegations of sexual abuse.

1. Follow this accountability effort on social media and share their sites and pages to continue to spread the word.

2. Help create an avalanche of support the week of Valentine’s Day by sending a postcard (or several) to the address below with a simple, clear message letting PHS know what actions you would like to see them take such as justice for the victims, an independent investigation, and transparency. Please highlight whatever is most important to you.

Presentation High School
2281 Plummer Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

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