Call to Action for Saturday, November 4

From MPower Change

TAKE ACTION making sure the FCC and Chairman Pai know that they should not repeal rules that protect competition and a free press. Read more

C2A The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is doing everything it can to clear the way for Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s TV takeover—setting up a $3.9 billion merger that would allow the pro-Trump propaganda machine to reach 72% of U.S. households. Last week, they repealed the Main Studio Rule, a longstanding regulation that required local TV and radio broadcasters to have local studios. Thanks to the FCC, your local stations can now be run out of a mega-corporation’s distant headquarters.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION If you’re wondering why the FCC and Chairman Pai are giving preferential treatment to Sinclair, it’s simple—the sweetheart deal is the outcome of a backroom negotiation with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner during the election. The agreement was a classic quid pro quo: deliver positive coverage of Trump, and in exchange, the administration will deliver 72% of American households’ televisions.

Beyond broadcasting only positive news about the Trump administration, Sinclair is the same company that:

  • Defends blatant anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic content under the guise of free speech.
  • Forces every station it owns to air must-run segments including the “Terrorism Alert Desk,” which aims to label any action by Muslims as terrorism.
  • Was fined by the FCC for violating U.S. law—an incident former FCC Comissioner Michael Copps cited as an example of how Sinclair has tried to “run over lines” and rules historically.

The FCC, chaired by Trump appointee Ajit Pai, has been peeling back decades-old policies that protect competition and a free press in order to deliver on Kushner’s promise to Sinclair and flood the airwaves with pro-Trump propaganda.

On November 16, the Commission is voting on the repeal of yet another decades-old regulation, in order to facilitate Sinclair’s merger with Tribune Media Co.

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