Announcing: TWWSJ New Community Partner of San José Peace and Justice Center

Last month, Together We Will-San José was accepted as a Community Partner of the San José Peace and Justice Center.

This status connects us with the several dozen venerable organizations that are also Partners of the Center and gives us access to the Center’s meeting space! We’ll be starting to once again have monthly gatherings (in addition to our Event of the Month) – they will be at the Center on the first Sunday evening of every month. The first of these is our Voter Information Potluck on June 3 – hope to see you there!

Take a look at the Peace and Justice Center’s website and consider signing up for their weekly email newsletter to get notified of events on their calendar (in addition to the events that are shared here in the group). Click on the Community Partners link to see all the other progressive organizations whose ranks we have joined.

More information from the San Jose Peace & Justice Center:

Printing fliers for an event? Creating your organization’s brochure? Lucky enough to be gathering materials for a fun-filled afternoon of canvassing???

The Peace and Justice Center can help with any and all peace- and/or justice-related printing/scanning/copying needs. All prints and copies are by donation, with a suggested donation of 5¢ per side for black and white (10¢/side for color).

Stop by the center weekdays between 4 and 7 PM to print or copy.

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