Stand with SCU Adjuncts and Lecturers

On Saturday, January 20, union organizers rallied in support of Santa Clara University adjunct faculty and lecturers.

Signs read things like:

SCU, did you know…
“We need to all come together to give a consistent voice to our needs, whether it be stability of employment, housing, child care, or even respect in the workplace.” Mary Long, Lecturer

Support SCU Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers Union

The SCU administration denied a campus-wide call to partner with faculty to hold a free and fair vote on unionization. A vote on unionization would enable adjunct faculty and lecturers to choose whether to unionize.

Contact Father Engh, SCU’s president, and John Sobrato, Chairman on SCU’s Board of Trustees, and tell them to reverse their decision and partner with adjunct faculty and lecturers for a free and fair vote on unionization.


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Call to Action for Wednesday, January 9

Two students from the SJSU Student Homeless Alliance (SHA) talked to Together We Will – San José about the serious problem of homelessness and housing insecurity among SJSU students. A survey found that 13.2% of the 33,000 students at San Jose State University have experienced homelessness in the past year.

The students asked members of the community to do this quick and easy Call to Action:

  • Contact SJSU President Mary Papazian at 408-924-1177 or
  • Tell her you support SJSU SHA’s demands for:
    • More emergency housing
    • Safe parking in the 7th St. garage
    • Better communication of information about housing support resources
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